Frequently Asked Questions / Video Tutorials

How to access the mileage tracker on your phone:

***There is no app for Run The Year 2017 but you can access the tracker on your phone***
The mileage tracker is a website that can be accessed via mobile device, tablet, and desktop computer. If you’d like to add your mileage tracker to your phone’s home screen for easy and convenient access, please follow these directions:

Click Here for ANDROID Instructions – Add RTY Tracker to Homescreen

Click Here for IOS Instructions – Add RTY Tracker to Homepage

How the tracker works:

How to create and manage teams in the tracker:

How to sync with Garmin:

Syncing your Garmin for Run The Year 2017 from Run The Edge on Vimeo.

How to sync with FitBit:

To sync to Fitbit click the “Fitbit Sync” button. Then click the “Connect to fitbit” link, enter your information and click “Allow Access”

To Reset your Fitbit miles you can go back to the Fitbit Sync button and click “Revoke Access.” This will disconnect you. When you reconnect all of your miles will come back starting from January 1st.

Logging Miles:

How do I track my activity miles?

You can track your miles any way you’d like! You can use any app or GPS device to track your miles, using a machine like a treadmill to track distance, using time estimates, or counting what you know is the “mile around the block”. However you want to measure your miles is fine with us!

What miles and activities count towards the challenge?

Run The Edge asks that miles are completed on your feet. Running, walking, treadmills, and hiking all count. The intention of the challenge is for you to push yourself to do more. We ask that miles are intentional, and help you achieve a happier and healthier you. Keep yourself moving, focus on what challenges you personally. Each participant faces different obstacles, each mile is different.

Do you have to run/walk or log activity every day?

Not at all. You get in the miles on your time and on your schedule.

How do I log my miles?

You can log miles in our mileage tracker manually or if you have a Garmin Connect or Fitbit account, you can sync those to the tracker. You can synch with only Fitbit or Garmin, but not both accounts. However, regardless if you choose to sync miles or not, you can always enter miles manually by clicking on the calendar date, entering your miles, and hitting the submit button.

How do I sync to Garmin?

You must have a Garmin Connect account already set up with your device.
1. Click the “Garmin Sync” button on the main calendar page
2. Enter your Garmin Connect username
3. Click the button underneath that says “connect”
Your miles should now sync into the calendar!

How do I refresh my Garmin sync (or disconnect then reconnect)?

1. Click the text box where your Garmin Connect username is and delete all text
2. Click the button underneath that says “change account”
3. Refresh the page

If I finish early, will I be able to keep logging my individual miles?

Yes! The tracker will remain open all year for you to log your extra miles.

Can you use both Garmin and fitbit at the same time?

No. The tracker syncs with only one account at a time.

What if i use a non-Garmin/Fitbit device, can I still track miles?

No problem. The tracker only syncs with Garmin and Fitbit, but is set up for easy and convenient manual entry.


Using the Tracker:

How many people can be on a team?

You can have up to 4 total people on your team! That means you can add 3 additional people to your team in the tracker.

Can I be on more than one team?

No, you can only be on one team. If you try to join a second team, you will automatically be removed from your current team. If you are the admin of a team, see the below sections.

Where do I view my team’s progress?

Click the “My Team” button. This is located to the right of the calendar for computers and below your calendar for mobile devices.

Does everyone on a team get a medal/gear?

No, the gear you receive will be based on the package you individually registered for.

How can team members split up the mileage?

Any way you want to! Whether you all split it evenly or run different amounts, your miles all work towards the same 2,017 goal.

What happens if my team doesn’t finish all the miles?

That’s okay! The challenge is meant to get you motivated to track your fitness miles and positively impact your health with the RTY fitness community. If you take one more step than you would have without the challenge, then you have stayed true to the challenge goal!

If my team finishes early, will we be able to keep logging miles?


Can I keep going after my team finishes?


How do I create a new team?

1. Click the “My Team” button.
2. Under “Create your team” enter the team name you’d like to have and click “create”.
3. You will now see the team dashboard. This will now be the page you see every time you click the “My Team” button.

How do I join an existing team?

1. Click the “My Team” button.
2. Click the link for “Browse existing teams”
3. Start writing the name of the team you’re looking for, or scroll through the list until you find it.
4. Click “join team”.
5. Once the admin approves you to join the team, you’re in!

What is a team admin?

The team admin is someone who created a team. This person has the ability to:
– Create and name the team
– Add/remove team members
– Accept/deny requests for people trying to join their team
– Dissolve the team

How do I add or remove a team member? (team admin)

1. Go to the “Team Information” section on the team page.
2. Click the gray text that says “add member” and type in the new team member’s email address (username). This must be the same email address they registered with.
3. Click “add”.
4. Once the team member accepts the invitation to join your team, their status will change from “Invited member” to “Team member”
5. If you try entering an email address that is not registered in our system, it will say “user not found” indicating you might have the wrong email address.

I added the teammate to my team, why are their miles not showing up? (team admin)

There are a few reasons for this:
– The teammate hasn’t accepted your invitation yet (should still be listed as “invited member”)
– They haven’t logged any miles or logged into the tracker recently
– Their Garmin or Fitbit isn’t syncing properly, so their miles aren’t being logged. See below for steps to fix this!

How do I leave a team? (non-admin team member)

1. Go to the team page
2. Scroll down to the “Team Management” section
3. Click “Leave team”

How do I join a different team? (non-admin team member)

1. Go to the team page
2. Scroll down to the “Team Management” section
3. Click “Leave team” and you will be taken to the page where you can either join an existing team or create a new team

*If you are the team admin, you cannot leave a team and join a new one without deleting your current team. You must dissolve the team first, which will delete the team, and then join or create a new team. Please consider talking to your teammates first, as this will delete the team and cannot be undone and see below for more details.

How do I change my team name? (team admin)

You cannot change your team name.
The only way to do this is to have the team admin dissolve the team, then create a new team with the desired name, and re-add all the team members back to the team. If you are an admin, please consider talking to your team first as when you dissolve the team or try to join a new team, your team will be deleted.
If you accidentally dissolve your team, please contact us to help:

I am the team admin, but want to leave my current team and/or join a new team. What should I do? (team admin)

An admin cannot leave a team to create/join a different team. You will first have to dissolve the team, which will delete the team from the system. Once your team is dissolved you can join or create another team. Please consider talking to your teammates first, as this will delete the team and cannot be undone.

How do I dissolve my team? (team admin)

1. Go to the team page
2. Scroll down to the “Team Management” section
3. Click “Dissolve team”

What should I do if I accidentally removed a team member?

You can just invite them to join the team again! Follow the same processes as before when you first invited them.

What do I do if I accidentally removed myself from my team?

Find the team name in the “Browse existing teams” database, and request to rejoin the team.

Why is my teammate’s miles showing up as “0” or not at all in the team stats section?

Anytime your teammate’s miles aren’t showing up, that is an error with THEIR account. First have the teammate do the following:
– If they use Garmin or Fitbit to track miles, have them re-synch their account to our tracker. This will refresh the synch, which often must be done if Garmin or Fitbit does an update.
– Check to make sure they’re not using both Garmin and Fitbit at the same time to synch miles. You can only synch miles with one account!
– Ask if they’re actually logging their miles in our tracker
– Make sure they’re logging into the tracker—as you still have to login when using Garmin or Fitbit in order for our tracker to pull your activity data

Mistakes were made accidentally and everything is messed up and I’m panicking!!! WHAT DO I DO???!

Email us! If you cannot find the answer in our FAQ sections, then please email us at:
We’re always here to help! Just make sure your email is entered correctly so you receive our reply. We always answer emails within 48 business hours so if you don’t hear from us, please try again as we might not have received your message for some reason.

Who do I contact if I need more help?

Contact: – we answer all email messages within 48 business hours