Ryan Richards | R3 Technologies, Inc.

With over 12 years experience in technology we have enjoyed many challenging roles involved with the software development life cycle as well as supporting the infrastructure behind large web applications. We work heavily with Ruby on Rails, React.js, Google Go and other frameworks. We have worked with MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Percona MySQL/MariaDB with the majority of use-cases being on linux and in the cloud with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud. This has empowered up to assist clients in delivering scalable, cost-effective solutions. We do this by using a business-oriented mindset combined with best-practices, design patterns, and an agile development process.

With a background in delivering large-scale and mission-critical applications we have been able to bring important insight into both established as well as startup organizations. These critical values pertain to application availability, security, stability, performance and clean coding practices to ensure manageability of your project.

It's your dream, your vision. We know what's at stake and how important it is to succeed.

Let us help your ideas evolve to the next level.

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